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Japanese Students to Your School

Having been in operation for over 35 years, IBEI has built up strong and trustful relationships with schools overseas. IBEI works with junior and senior high school students, who wish to study in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and England.

IBEI focuses on professional counseling rather than gaining a commercial benefit and provides all the necessary support for students in academics and personal matters by working closely with each individual student and their parents. Our communication is not only via phone or e-mails, but we also visit students at their schools. We meet parents and teachers in order to provide appropriate guidance for students. Further, educators from overseas visit our office often to meet with prospective students and parents to explain about the life in their schools and abroad.

We strongly believe that "Studying abroad starts off by meeting the right counselor" and IBEI has the experience and educational policy that will lead to success. We provide support through communication with parents and schools.

Students and friends at overseas high schools

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